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PostSubject: Restoration - Pergor's View   Restoration - Pergor's View EmptyThu Apr 09, 2009 7:23 am

For anyone that's thinking of going restoration at any point in the future, this is a rough guide that I tend to play by. It's not based off EJ or whatever; simply the experience I have gathered from raiding over lé years. For that reason, some of the rotations or talents might not be to your taste - that's your choice and job to change them.

I'll write my method of healing, for heroics and for raids, later. For now, this is a decent spec to base yourself off of:


For heroics, especially as a newbie healer, Improved Reincarnation and Blessing of the Eternals can be of more use than Elemental Weapons (in enhancement) and Ancestral Awakening.

In terms of stats, for heroics you should be looking at around +1400 heal unbuffed and 150 mp5 with a 13-15,000 mana pool. Bear in mind that, with Flametongue, Earthliving and Watershield that will hit you up to about +1700 heal and 250 mp5.

For raids, you need +1600 heal unbuffed, 200mp5 and 15,000 mana pool. You should also be looking at building haste as this becomes a primary stat for resto shamans later on.
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Restoration - Pergor's View
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